Monday, November 9, 2015

I am doing Fantastic!


How y'all doin? I am doing fantastic! This week was really good! The highlight of the week was that we got 6 new investigators! How did you do that you ask? Let me tell you!

We got a referral from the Zone leaders in Stillwater. Their Bishop found this lady sitting at a bus stop crying. He brought her into the church and the Elders talked to her a little bit. Apparently she is a refugee from Romania! They had a meeting here in the city on Tuesday so after the meeting we went over to see them and taught them the Restoration. Her name is Alina Ciuciu and her family was with her. She is so open to learning more and coming to church. She called us Sunday and was asking if it was alright to stay home with her sick husband and child and she could come next week and we told her that was just fine! We got 4 new investigators out of that family.

We ran into our neighbor one day. Her name is Elisa Rodriguez. She is super nice! She told us if we ever need anything to just knock on her door. I decided that we need baptisms and so we knocked on her door and she let us teach her! She understood it so well and said she would get baptized after she knows what we are teaching her is true! Yay! She has a  6 month old boy who was helping me with the cups. We have an object for the Restoration which makes it easier for some people to understand. That made for a total of 5 new investigators.

We went to see a less active family and found out that the wife isn't a member. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and talked to them about church. They said we could come back and it might be time for them to really investigate again. That made for our grand total of 6 new investigators!
Saturday was a little disappointing. We had the whole day full of appointments and members to come out to each of those appointments with us. Everyone canceled including all but 2 of the members. Apparently the members thought the OU football game was more important than missionary work...WRONG! Oklahoma must not have DVR'S or something. I was just a little mad but I got over it.

Elisa Valdez might be getting baptized this week! If not this week then it will be the 21st. It all depends on if we can teach her the last couple of lessons this week and her uncles condition. Her uncle went to the hospital for bad health and they released him because there is nothing more the hospital can do for him. His blood pressure has dropped and they said he can go at any day now. Please pray for the Valdez family.

We met with our eternagator Terry. He has been studying with the missionaries for so long and he knows so much! Elder Neves and I decided to start the lessons over with him to make sure there isn't anything missing or he doesn't misunderstand something. He told us that he needs to know more about the Priesthood, the Sabbath Day, and the Holy Ghost before he gets baptized. THAT IS ALL THAT IS HOLDING HIM BACK! We made an appointment for Fridayand we are taking Brother Gaglione, a member who was just in the bishopric before it changed and also one of Terry's fellow shippers, and he is going to throw down. He knows so much it's crazy!

This week we got 2 more baptismal dates! We have:
Elisa Valdez for November 14th
Pj Secatero for December 12th
Shelly Slusser for December 12th.

This week has just been awesome! We had a Regional Stake Conference on Sunday and it was so cool! I have a confession to make. I haven't had a lot of faith in helping the inactive members. They have been stubborn lately. I learned 4 things that we need to do to reactivate members.
Those 4 things are:
1. Be there friend
2. Listen to them
3. Help them feel God's love
4. Help them feel confident that they can change

I am going to make a goal to have more faith in not only investigators but inactive members.

Another thing that was said at the conference is that there is a difference between being active in the church and being active in the gospel. Which one are you? As a missionary I am both. Probably because I have to live the gospel every day. Before I came out I don't think I was very active in the gospel. My challenge for y'all this week is to evaluate where you are at in being active in the church and the gospel. Take that evaluation and make a goal to help you be active in both!

The lord is always WILLING to bless us. We just have to do our part to receive those blessings. This is Jesus Christ's church, I know that with all of my heart. God is our loving Heavenly Father. The gospel will bring so much joy to your life! One of my favorite people sent me a quote that says "Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket" Take that key and use it for yourself. You will be able to help others once you feel and KNOW that this gospel brings happiness.

I love y'all so much! Have an excellent week!

Sincerely Elder Brisk

That is all.

LOOK!! Elder Neves has taught me how to solve a rubik's cube!
 One of my greatest accomplishments while on the mission!

We were riding bikes and a bug flew into Elder Neves' eye. It got all irritated and nasty! 
Don't worry he is doing great and got the bug out of his eye!

So precious. Yes he knows I have this picture!

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