Monday, November 7, 2016

It is like God grabbed my head and twisted it for me!


It's wet and cold here. It also doesn't help that my electric blanket is broke so that is how my week went...

This month we have so much stuff to go to that we are at 7 miles a day. So we have been biking a lot and it has been so fun!!! Except for the fact that nobody is outside. We might as well go ride our bikes around Walmart all day.

We met this guy named Lupe and he was talking about how he doesn't like church's because all they want is your money. We assured him he could come to church with us and they wouldn't say anything about his money...because last weeks meeting was on tithing and fast offerings so that is out of the way 😅

Apparently there was an armed robbery at Sonic and someone got hurt and some guys stole a bunch of money on Tuesday night. Robert was interrogating us the whole time we were at dinner because he thinks we snuck out at 11:30 at night to hit up sonic and he wants some of the money we took. We just told him he had to be part of the job to get the cut.

We saw Amanda in Seymour this week. We actually had a really spiritual lesson which is rare for Amanda's house because there are always just random people walking in and out and making her mad so she yells at them while we sit there on the couch. But this week was better!! We talked about the Book of Mormon and figured out she isn't to sure about it being the word of God yet. She also isn't reading so no duh she doesn't have a testimony of it and here we are trying to get her to church. Whoops!! Moral of the your Book of Mormon please and thank you :)

I went on Exchanges to Altus, Oklahoma, with Elder Terry. The same Elder Terry that was my roommate in the MTC! It was pretty overcast but luckily it didn't rain on us because we had to bike everywhere all day! #NoMiles We went to Walmart at like 8 pm to talk to people and we ended up meeting 2 less active members. One of them didn't have records on the ward roster so it was a miracle! The lady we met who wasn't on the roster had this little boy with her so why she talked to Elder Terry about her problems this little kid entertained me. This was our conversation:

Kid:Do you like Halo?
Me: Well yeah!
Kid:Did you know that they made a Halo 5 pack with everything in it!!!!!?
Me: You're kidding!
Kid: I'm kidding. Oh yeah I'm kidding like I'm kidding they did!!
Me:*laughing inside
Kid:I don't know which gun I should get? (Nerf)
Me:I don't know!
Kid: I'm going to get (some kind of gun) for when the zombie apocalypse comes!!
Me: You'll be pretty safe with that gun!

He was at Walmart picking everything out that he wanted for Christmas. Just like every other kid in the world he wanted literally everything. I think he is my new friend!

When we were exchanging back Elder Davis and Christiansen realized they lost the bike lock key so we had to cut the wire to get Elder Christiansen's bike off of the car to put mine on and then I saw that Elder Davis used 21 miles when he really had a max of 7 miles to use because #NoMiles. So lets just say I about killed my companion Saturday but don't worry he is still alive :)

We were doing Weekly Planning Saturday night and I ate to much candy so I couldn't be locked in the apartment so it was like 7:30 pm. Raining and I said lets go ride bikes!! So we rode our bikes around for 2 hours until we found someone who would accept our message! We were headed back to the apartment and all of a sudden my head just turned 90 degrees to the right and this guy was just chillin' on his porch. It is like God grabbed my head and twisted it for me, because all I wanted to do was find a new investigator. So we talked to this guy for like 10 minutes and he asked if we could explain the Book of Mormon in 3 minutes. In my head I said "Psh can I ever!!" So we talked to him and he took the Book of Mormon! Then when we were leaving his dog literally stood up on 2 legs and gave me a hug. It was the coolest thing EVER!!

I have learned this week that prayer and fasting is important. Fasting is literally so hard but it makes me feel the spirit so much more in this work. A lot of times we only fast on fast Sunday. I love fasting for a purpose. When we fast we are showing God that we want his help. Since Thanksgiving is coming up I have tired to be more thankful than needy in my prayers. I saw this quote that said

"What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for last night?"

That scared me when I saw it so if it scares you then don't worry! The Atonement is real and you can start right now by saying a prayer and thanking God for the many blessings he bestows upon you everyday! I have a testimony of prayer and I know it works. God loves you, hears your cries for help, and will answer your prayers.

Love and miss y'all!

Elder Kyler Brisk 💛

Cutest puppies and fatest dog EVER!!

Elder Hilton and I after Leadership meetings 😁

The Sound Park is on the top 10 things to do while in Seymour Texas

 Exchanges in Altus with Elder Terry, Sister Scadden and Sister Hernandez! Best district ever!! ❤

 Yay for wire cutters!!!

 Biking in the rain all day everyday 🌧

 Cotton is so cool!!!

 Selfies because we're on point

 Always remember to fill up on gas Saturday night :)
#0MilesTillEmpty #MadeItToTheGasSation


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