Monday, November 14, 2016

New car and new investigators!


I was SO comfortable and FAST asleep then the phone rang at 11:30pm and the zone leaders told me the transfer doctrine. I will be staying in Vernon with Elder Davis! That means I will most likely be in Vernon until December 28th.

This week we went to OKC to get our new car! We got a 2015 Nissan Altima and it is so nice compared to our old car. We love it so much!

This week we got 2 of the most solid investigators I think I will ever have!! Their names are Stephanie and Paula Taylor. Stephanie has 2 kids, Paula and Joey, and Joey is dating a member of the church. In fact they have been dating for 4 years. Her dad is over a lot of church owned ranges in the area so they are very active. 4 weeks ago Stephanie and Paula came to church with Joey and Sister Richardson and they loved it so much that Stephanie and Paula came back the following week by themselves!! They said they would have us over and feed us so we were able to go over on Wednesday night and we had dinner with them. The whole time they were so nervous but so excited!! We taught a great restoration lesson to them and they were so glad we came. They both already had a Book of Mormon and said all they wanted to do now was finally read it! Some of the members were shocked when they found out that they are investigating the church because they thought they were members just visiting. Paula has a 2 year old boy named Ryder and he is so cute!!

We were able to go to the Overstreet's house this week. They said we can come help them feed baby cows on Tuesday so we might be going out there tomorrow. It will give me a good chance to finally sport my overalls the right way!! I love the Overstreet's but they are so confusing. They haven't been to church since I have been here but they are always talking to us about how we need to help their son bring his family to church.

We have interviews with the Mission President every transfer now and so we had interviews on Friday. I told President Mansell that I wanted to stay in Vernon and he said OK. I also told him I want to train a new missionary and he said he would definitely give me that opportunity if that is what I would like to do!! I am so excited! It might not happen soon but for sure sometime before I go home!!!!

This weekend was the Lawton Oklahoma Stake Conference. We had Elder Stoddard at our stake conference and he talked about member missionary work so much!! He had us all talk to the stake about how they can help us find investigators and kept calling on Elder Christiansen to help him because he had fiery red hair! I am so excited to see the Member missionary work in the Lawton Stake explode!! Missionaries succeed best when the members help us out and not just by feeding us.

Sister Scadden and Elder Christiansen are being transferred so we are sad that our district is getting split up so we are going to Altus to have one last district p day together :'(

Have a GREAT week!
Love Elder Brisk

That is all.

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