Monday, April 25, 2016

9 months!!


I have officially been out for 9 Months!! My year mark is coming up fast! I can' t believe I have been out that long!? Time flies when you are doing the Lord's work!

I can't even remember what we did this last week plus I forgot my planner...whoops! I think I am losing my mind!! 🙃

I am officially the District Leader for Alva and Woodward now. My first district meeting was on Friday and I think it went well. At least for my first district meeting. My training was on goals/goal setting and we set goals that we wanted to achieve for this transfer. They were pretty excited about it!

Monopoly at McDonald's has come to an end and sadly we didn't win any money. We got pretty darn close though!! Probably spent all of my money at McDonald's though and that isn't good...oh well! definitely not the healthiest decision of my mission...

One thing I can remember we did this week is that we knocked A LOT of doors!! I think 80% of Alva has been knocked so there's that... We better start getting some people to baptize because I don't know what we are going to do if we don't find new investigators!!

We got a new investigator Saturday night. His name is Javier and he is pretty cool! He was really interested in the lesson and he was pretty involved. He is definitely going to get baptized!!

We went to teach Drexel last night but apparently he is no where to be found. His van was at the house but he wasn't so everyone is kind of concerned about him. This is the first investigator I have had that has just vanished off the face of the earth!?

On Sunday we had Branch Conference and everyone from the stake came. We had 65 people at church! After church we had a big meal. Since our branch building is so small our chapel is also our cultural hall so we had to put all the chairs up and bust out the big tables. We really need a gym because this Branch likes to celebrate and have parties!! It was really good and I ate a lot of food!

Gwenna came to church and it was so good to see her! She fits right in with the branch and everyone treats her like she is a member of the big happy Alva branch family. Keep praying for her and Tim!

The most exciting part about this week will be the pictures. I hope they make your heart happy!!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

You have probably been waiting 9 months for a picture like this!
 I hope you love them as much as I do!!!
p.s. I will be wearing these at my homecoming 😎

Brother Durrence is basically our new companion. He LOVES doing missionary work!

I put my backpack in the truck and turned around and this bear scared the crap out of me!! I thought it was going to eat me but instead it jumped inside our truck and then ran away. Oklahoma has to many dogs...

It was a bright and sunny day, not a cloud in sight. We went into a lesson and BAM! 
The rain came pouring down!!! 🌧

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