Monday, April 4, 2016

Always driving, always smiling!


I have come to the conclusion I spend to much of my mission driving. I guess that is a consequence for serving in a small town in the middle of miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. On Monday we had to drive to Cherokee to have a lesson with Gwenna and Tim Kimball. That isn't a very far drive. Tuesday we had to go to Enid for exchanges with the Zone leaders., I think I have been to Enid every week this transfer, and then we had to go to Stillwater for exchanges and then home the same day. We ended up with 10 extra miles for last month! Talk about cutting it close!

For our lesson with Gwenna and Tim we taught the 10 commandments to them. We have little hand signals that we teach investigators to help them remember all 10 commandments in order. Now this is more then just holding 1 finger up and then 2 and then 3. You have to move your fingers in a certain fashion. Tim was flipping me off at one point and then he realized it and didn't want to do the signals anymore. That was really funny but the spirit was still there!

Zone Conference was great! Apparently the mission is having bed bug problems so we have been paranoid lately. I think we are safe though! We all got to write a post card to the new mission president and I thought mine was pretty funny. Our district leader accidentally wrote "Dear Walkenhorst's" embarrassing because Walkenhorst's are our current mission president. Sister Walkenhorst was giving us a training on being positive and always having a smile on our face. She then said that the mission has a few missionaries that always have smiles on their faces. I was thinking to myself that I should try and smile more because I don't think I am always smiling and then she said  "Elder Brisk is one of those missionaries" I looked up and everyone was looking at me and she was smiling at me. I decided I don't have to work on smiling because apparently I already do it! Now Elder Richey said I wasn't even smiling when she said that but I was drawing a smiley face in my notes so I am pretty sure I was smiling 😂 

Joy has been struggling lately. We found out that she is smoking again and drinking coffee. Her doctor told her to drink coffee so we are pretty bitter about that. We told her that she shouldn't because it is bad for you and so now she has to stop smoking and drinking it again. She is also struggling financially and so we had a heart to heart conversation with her about tithing. She then decided to pay her tithing. Please pray for Joy!! She needs it!

Sister Johnson told us that a less active member in Jet needed some help cleaning up a house she is moving into. So we drove to Jet to help her and she was no where to be found. Apparently she forgot we were coming and went to Enid to get paint. So we drove 40 miles to Jet FOR NOTHING! Talk about wasting miles on the first day of the month. Plus more time of driving 😑We stopped in Cherokee to see Gwenna though. Luckily she was home! We were in service clothes and she really enjoyed seeing us in our normal people attire. She was sick so we gave her a blessing and Now she is all better! I am her favorite. She said that herself. She said she needs to spoil us all the same instead of just me.


Well if you didn't watch all of conference don't worry. The Doctrine of Christ is real and you can repent and watch what you missed. Elder Eyring told us to study the talks again after conference. If you watched conference go back and watch your favorite talks! We can learn a lot from our Prophet and Apostles! Elder Uchtdorf is my favorite. His talks always speak to me through the spirit.

Now a common theme was about families and I think that made every missionary marriage trunky. For those who are not familiar with the missionary slang of the word "Trunky" it pretty much means to make us ansy. For example a lot of missionaries get Trunky when they are close to finishing their mission.

During the Sunday Afternoon session of Conference I am almost positive Elder Uchtdorf fell asleep druing Patrick Kearon's talk. When he got up after him he seemed a little out of it. We thought it was pretty funny!!

I hope you are able to take something out of conference and apply it to your lives!!

Have a great week! Remember who you are, make good choices.

Sincerely, Elder Brisk 😁

That is all.

Brother Zwiefelhofer and Elder McVey were a little sleepy during Conference 😂

Conference with Joy 🎉

Oklahoma Sunsets are hard to take pictures of!!

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