Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodbye to Elder Morgan and Hello to Elder McVey


How was my week you ask? Well I guess you could say it was a good week. Nothing to exciting that made it the best week ever!

The beginning of this week we went around to different houses so Elder Morgan could say goodbye before he got transferred to Duncan Oklahoma. He wasn't very excited to leave and all the members could tell he was a little depressed. It probably didn't help that Elder Bob and I kept singing "Here comes goodbye".

Elder Morgan made it to Duncan with Elder Terry. The same Elder Terry I roomed with in the MTC. He says he likes Duncan and his new companion. I knew he would!

We got Elder McVey from Sandy, Utah. He was in a trio down in OKC before coming up here to Alva so he knows how a trio works. He is kind of a weird kid 😂 He is a great missionary though! Some how he doesn't fear knocking doors or talking to people. That is the hardest thing about a mission. He is very high maintenance though. For example. He is on the top bunk and he doesn't want to hit his head and he likes hanging his feet off the edge so he pushed the bed away from the wall. 

Well Sunday night he was being a smart aleck and I decided to push him off his bed by putting my feet on the bottom (I am on the bottom bunk) and I pushed the mattress off and he went off along with his mattress. Me being the loving companion I am laughed because he deserved it. 😎 and then he was so happy because he likes the mattress on the ground and is forever sleeping there instead of the top bunk. So technically I didn't win by doing that but I did get to push the bed back against the wall 😂

We went to Tim and Gwenna's on Friday night and like always they fed us really good! We introduced Elder McVey to Fred Bacon (Tim and Gwenna's pig) and let him feed it tortilla chips. He thought that was the coolest thing since sliced bread! Tim introduced himself by saying "I don't know you and I don't want to listen to you, sorry I meant to be ruder then that." 😂
I can't wait for them to get baptized!! We teach Gospel Principles for Gwenna and Joy and Gwenna retains everything so well! I just wish Tim could come to church but he works a 4 on 2 off so he can't come for a few more weeks 😞

Sunday was probably Alva's best fast and testimony meeting ever! Except for a few storymony's but that's OK. What's a fast and testimony without someone reporting there whole week!? 😂

I think we take the sacrament for granted a lot of times. I really payed attention to it this time and it's meaning and That is why it was so spiritual! We get to renew our baptismal covenants with God EVERY WEEK! As I sat there I opened my scriptures to 3 Nephi 18, where Jesus institutes the sacrament to the Nephites.

This upcoming Sunday I want you to do 3 things:

Go to church with a question you want answered (It can be about anything)
Think about the sacrament and what it symbolizes for you as you partake of it
Read 1 Nephi 18:1-14 as the sacrament is administered to the congregation

I PROMISE you that if you will do those 3 things you will have that question answered during either sacrament, Sunday school, or Priesthood/Relief Society.

You will also feel the spirit SUPER DUPER STRONG!

As a missionary I have a little experience with this 😉

Remember who you are! Make good choices!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

For some reason I am the only one that can stay awake in the car

They love to play Risk! My 2 silly companions

My papi, Elder Karr, Finished his mission and is now back in Sandy, Utah

Sometimes members get a prompting to feed the Elders and this is what happens.
                                              Chicken, Potato Wedges, Ice cream, and rootbeer!

This is Oklahoma once you get out of Alva

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