Monday, March 21, 2016

Muffins with Jay


Greetings from Alva Oklahoma! I hope you are all enjoying this spring time weather!! Well I don't know about where all y'all are at but it is pretty warm here! I had to break out the short sleeve shirts!!

It don't even remember the past month!? Tuesday I will have been out for 8 months! Time flies when you are having fun and working hard!! 🙃 

This week we had to go to Enid Oklahoma for a meeting. I still think I spend to much of my mission driving to meetings.... We had 2 appointments set up for Monday night too! We went to see this guy we knocked into. His name is Michael and he is super nice! He asked us why we didn't show up Monday and we told him that we tried to contact him and that we had a meeting so we were able to reschedule with him. He seems super interested in our message and we are excited to share it with him!

The other appointment we had was with Don Harzman. He is one of my favorite people. He tells us that his home is always open to us and he always wants to make sure we are doing alright. He is so nice! We went by and taught him and his 9 year old son Gabriel on Sunday night and the lesson went very well! His son was listening the whole time and we invited both of them to be baptized on April 23rd, they both said YES!! That gives us a grand total of 5 baptism dates for April!

On Friday we went on exchanges with our District leader Elder Dayley. He came to Alva and Elder McVey went to Woodward. For some reason it was all warm and we were enjoying the weather and then out of no where Friday was the coldest day of my entire mission!! OK maybe I'm exaggerating but it was really cold and now it is warm 😃 We called one of our investigators Jay and asked him when he wanted our help making muffins and he told us to come over and we would have omelets and make muffins so we said OK! 


I don't think I have ever laughed so hard making muffins in my life. We started out with a recipe and Jay didn't have all the ingredients. We didn't have enough oats so he added some wheat cereal. Then we didn't have apple sauce so Elder Dayley and Bob had to cut up apples and try to saucify them. Didn't work very well so jay threw it all in a blender. Then he peeled a banana, took a bite from it, and threw it on the table and said cut that up and put that in it! I was laughing the whole time! He had me cut up 500000000000 prunes to put into the mix. Then he added molasses to it and he put A LOT in it. We got halfway threw and Jay decided to change recipes!? You can't just do that in the middle of a recipe dude!! 😂😂 We all had a muffin and surprisingly we didn't die!? They didn't really have a taste to them but the whole bottom of my muffin was prune so that was gross! We had a lot of fun making muffins though! We talked about the gospel too and tried to relate it to his muffins to make him more interested. He is a tough cookie. He is super interested in the church but won't admit it.

We had another dinner/lesson with Gwenna and Tim this week. Gwenna has a brother who is a bishop in Utah and she hasn't talked with him in years. We convinced her to talk to him and let him know she is meeting with missionaries and he was so happy for her! She was scared he wouldn't talk to her but it was the complete opposite! She told us that he wanted to see pictures of us so we had to take a big group picture and then individual pictures with Gwenna. Afterwards so told us that she has a niece and she is trying to set us up for when we get off our missions. Gwenna is pretty much our mom! We extended their baptism date for April 16th. Gwenna just has to give up smoking and she will be set! Tim on the other hand is going to be a little more difficult but he is progressing!

The girls basketball team won state this year for the 3rd time in a row! One morning we were studying and we heard all of these alarms and thought it was world war 3 in Alva. We looked out the window and say 3 cop cars, fire rescue, fire truck, the girls tour bus, truck full of cheerleader, Alva citizens behind them. They were cheering "3 PEAT 3 PEAT 3 PEAT". They were honking like crazy! The good thing about small towns is they can send their high school off to state like that! When they got back from state it was even worse!! It was 8 pm and horns and sirens were going crazy! We were at a members house and jumped in his truck and met them at the high school. We tried talking to people but they were "Busy".

That was my exciting week! It was fun but now that spring break is over we will be able to have more lessons with people. For some reason people don't want to stay in Alva when they get a week off of school!?

With Easter coming up we are focusing our finding efforts through the Easter initiative video #Hallelujah at If you have not had a chance to watch it STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH IT! It is a really good video that can be shared with anyone!

Easter isn't as commercialized as Christmas but we still need to remember why we celebrate it. The Easter bunny and candy can be fun but there is a better reason to celebrate. This coming Sunday we will celebrate the day our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was risen. Christ conquered death for all of us so that we will be able to be resurrected. Christ didn't have to do this for us, but he loves us so much that he wanted to. He took the pains and sufferings of the world for us. Remember Jesus Christ this holiday as you partake of the sacrament. I challenge everyone who reads this to read Luke chapters 22-24 in the New Testament. It will increase your love for the savior and help you have a greater appreciation for what he did for us.

My favorite scripture is John 3:16

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves you. Have a great Easter!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

Muffin making with Jay at it's finest 😂🙃

Hurray for drives to Enid!!! 🚗

Nothing like playing Bingo with a bunch of old folks 👴👵

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