Monday, December 5, 2016

Dinner at the Methodist church


If you are planning on sending me a letter or package send them to my apartment not the mission office. Otherwise they are making us go get them and we don't have miles to do that because we are the most isolated missionaries from there. Please and thank you! :)

This week we were able to see Victoria Villegas, the referral from our fast, and we had such a spiritual lesson with her! We started teaching her the restoration and then she had questions about baptism of little children and different things and we were able to stop and open up the Book of Mormon and read it with her to answer her questions because the Book of Mormon LITERALLY answered all of them. It was so cool and if I picked the scriptures up she would do the same so she could read along. We tied it all back and finished teaching her the restoration and she loved it! We are going to go over Thursday night and teach her, her son, and her 2 grandson's and we are so excited!! She is Catholic and said she hadn't been to church for a while when we first met her but when we went back she said she went to the Catholic church and it just wasn't the same!! She is so coming to church with us next week! I hope...

We did service at the library again this week but instead of straightening books they had us put up their giant Christmas tree and decorate it and we did so good that everyone was saying to come to their house and that we should start a business!!

Last Monday this random lady came up to us and invited us to dinner at the Methodist church here in town so on Wednesday we decided what they Hay lets go!! So we got there and we heard her talking to the servers about us. She was waiting for us the entire time!! It is a good thing we went or else she would have thought we were undependable. So she got us some food and the moment we walked from the kitchen to the dining room everyone stopped and stared at us. It was so quiet and awkward. I just smiled and said "Hi" 😂 We got to talk to a lot of people though and got free dinner so that was cool!

I went on exchanges with Elder Terry this last weekend! We were riding our bikes and it started to pour on us and didn't stop raining until the next day so that was fun! We knocked on this door and this guy opened up and started talking to us
Guy: We're busy can you come back another time?
Us: Uh Sure
Guy:Ok thanks um.. Tuesday's are probably the best for me come back Tuesday
Us:Uhhh ok
Guy: thanks bye! *shuts door
We just shrugged our shoulders and said cool! then went on our merry way!

Saturday night we were doing weekly planning and I felt like I was getting sick because I had the chills and all of a sudden I sat up and said we needed to go to Taco Bell (At 8:30pm) so we ran to the car (and by we I mean I). When we got to Taco Bell the random guy that Elder Terry and I met on exchanges was working their! His name is Willie and he met missionaries 15 years ago in Lawton, OK and he has had contact with one of them for these 15 years...Like what??
Taco Bell brings miracles!!! 🌮

We had a lesson with Bill and Gail finally! Little recap.. they are baptist. Gail wants to join the church and will when she moves to Pampa where her daughter lives who is a member and Bill is a stonch baptist. We read 2 Nephi 33 and it was perfect because it was about what Gail was studying for her Sunday school lesson at the baptist church and she is going to read the Book of Mormon again! It was such a great lesson!!! She told us to find another chapter we can read because she really like that one.

Paula also came to church on Sunday which is fantastic because we haven't seen or had much contact with them since our lesson a month ago!!!

That is all for this week!
❤ Elder Brisk

That is all.

Elder Johnson found some random high school kid to come take our picture 😂


Sister Nicoll and Sister Hernandez stole my camera


Grandma Gussie is in rehab :(

 Grandma Gussie is in rehab :(

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