Monday, December 19, 2016

Caroling brings Christmas spirit!


This week we were able to see Tom Smith. We started the Addiction Recovery program with him to help him with his smoking. So far it went well but we are just starting so we will see as we continue to help him quit smoking.

We saw the Blevins again this week. Still can't believe the change they made. They are so accepting of us and love us! We cleaned up Brother Blevins back porch for him. His whole family thought it was going to be the worst thing we ever did but it really just needed to be picked up and blown out. They fed us and promised to have us over for dinner. Brother Blevins said he would also watch #LIGHTtheWORLD. He called us a few days later trying to find the video and so we told him where to go. He then called us back not 5 minutes later and was like "what am I watching" We were laughing like what do you mean and he said "it's TOUCHING my HEART!?" he also keeps telling us that we shouldn't be surprised if he shows up at church one of these days. He told us when we first met him that he "probably won't go back to the Mormon church." I love Brother Blevins!

We met with Lupe and taught him about the Sacrament. it was a really good lesson and he said he would come to church. Unfortunately he didn't so not sure if we will be able to continue teaching Lupe because he doesn't seem like he really wants to continue anymore. We will have to see!

We Christmas Caroled with the Johnson's again to other people that live in the surrounding towns of Vernon. Caroling is so fun! It is a great way to bring the Christmas spirit into peoples lives and nobody gets mad at you for doing it!! They would rather listen to me sing that listen to me try and bring salvation to their lives through Jesus Christ. I don't understand it but whatever!

On Friday I went to Altus on exchanges with Elder Chamberlain. It was such a fun exchange! I was able to do a baptism interview for the sisters investigator. it started snowing and got so cold that we had to go get gloves and beanies. BTW Walmart is sexist and only carries women winter we went to JC Penny because why wouldn't you want to look fashionable while staying warm!? We got beanies and gloves and they were even on sale! We saw one of the elders investigators there so we talked with her and we are going to try and volunteer with the Salvation Army to be the people ringing the Bell as you walk into Walmart! I'm so excited!! Elder Chamberlain and I had so much fun and we definitely need to be companions someday!

We had interviews with our President Mansell and he told me I will be getting transferred. Not sure where I will be going but I am for sure getting transferred on the 28th. We find out tomorrow at Christmas conference the information for transfers.

P day has been moved from December 26th to December 24th so I will not be emailing next Monday!

Have a Great week and stay warm!! Love and Miss you guys!
Elder Brisk❤

That is all.

My Christmas card

Exchanges with Elder Chamberlain! He is taller than me and it's so weird!

It was literally 80 degrees Friday.   Then Saturday was 29 and snowing.  Sunday was 1 here is crazy!  Our heater also wasn't working Saturday night so when we woke up Sunday morning our apartment was 47 degrees...YIKES!! Don't worry the heater is working now:)

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