Monday, May 9, 2016

Understanding the Atonement is so important!

(Hi Uncle Jim!)

Because it was Mother's day yesterday I got to talk with my family! That means that they already know about a lot of the stuff contained within this email. Therefore this email is meant for you the people who like to keep up with the Elder in Oklahoma!

This week was a lot better than last week!

Once upon time their were 4 missionaries headed home from a meeting in Enid and on their way back they got pulled over! 🚔 Well the nice policeman asked for the drivers license and insurance card and then asked the missionary driving to get out of the vehicle. This missionary was a little confused but the nice policeman assured him that he wasn't in any special trouble. So the missionary got out of the vehicle and the nice policeman asked him to take a seat inside the passenger seat of his vehicle. The missionary was really confused at this point but did as the nice policeman asked. The missionary sat in the police car with the nice policeman and talked to him about missionaries and the church. The nice policeman asked why they had a chair lift on the back of their vehicle and the missionary had to tell him it was a bike rack and not a chair lift....silly policeman!! The nice policeman said that he pulled the missionary over for going 70 in a 65 and his intention was just to give him a warning. The missionary was very relieved but kind of bitter he got pulled over for going 5 over. Overall it was a fun experience for the missionary! 😄

This week Elder McVey and I got to go to Gwenna and Tim Kimball's house! We haven't been able to have a lesson with them in forever! We were able to take Isaac with us and he did great! I totally stumped Tim though! There we were surrounded around the table enjoying sopapilla cheesecake. Elder McVey and I were asking Tim questions that really made him think and search his soul. I asked him what it would mean to him if Joseph Smith really saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. He thought about it for a second and then stood up in his chair and said NO. He said he wasn't going to fall into that trap! I started smiling/laughing a little bit and asked him what trap. He just walked into the living room giggling saying I was smart. Gwenna kept winking at me! It was pretty good! We told Tim to think about that question I asked him and we would get his answer next time because it was almost 9:30 PM and we needed to get home.

We were able to meet with Don this week and that was great! We don't get to see him very often because our evenings are the busiest time of the day and that is when all our investigators are available!

We helped Sister Johnson clean up a flower bed for a less active member in the branch. We met Sister Johnson at the house and the Sister we were doing the service for was still there so we hid around the corner for a minute. We thought that she wasn't going to leave and so we decided to say a prayer and go do the service. After we prayed she left and we were able to clean up her flower bed without her seeing us! Tender Mercies of the Lord!

We found a frog while we were doing the service and it kept scaring Sister Johnson because we put it in the bucket with the plants. We decided to take it to Rusty Smiley and put it in the bed of our truck but somehow it escaped. Either that or it got incinerated by the sun.....anyway!!

We had exchanges with the zone leaders in Enid on Friday and Saturday. I was with Elder Slack and we held a booth in downtown Enid. The first Friday of every month they set up a booth and are able to talk to a bunch of people! The Marshallese and Spanish elders we there as well. Elder Nicholas and I were having so much fun the entire time we were around each other. We were constantly laughing! We decided that we have to be companions one day! So please pray that Elder Brisk and Elder Nicholas can be companions!!

We found out that Sister Garris, a less active member we visit quite frequently throughout the week, passed away Friday night from a heart attack. I have had her and her family on my mind and in my prayers a lot recently. The Plan of Salvation can help us through times of losing a loved one. Because I know the plan of Salvation I know that she is in a better place. Sometimes it is hard for others to accept that. We were able to talk with her daughter who hasn't been to church in years this morning at Walmart. She said she was trying to find our number so she could inform us. That really meant a lot to me because the rest of Sister Garris' family wouldn't really talk to us. They are doing alright but please keep the Garris family in your prayers!

Since I am a district leader I get the opportunity to interview those preparing for baptism in the district. I was able to interview a lady named Doris Bain. I didn't really know what I was doing but as a district leader I have learned over the past few weeks how important it is for the spirit to guide us in this work. As I held the interview with the spirit I was able to see how prepared Doris was for Elder Warren and Elder Hansen. She truly had a testimony about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it can heal us. Some people know about the atonement and some people have no idea what it is. As we come to a true understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ it will improve the quality of our lives. Christ suffered for each and every one of us! Understanding the Atonement is so important!
I invite you to read 2 Nephi chapter 2 this week. Focus on the thoughts and feelings you get as you study that chapter. I know that if you will sincerely study that chapter with real intent to increase your understanding of the Atonement you will be touched by the spirit. The teachings found within the Book of Mormon will guide us through our lives. PLEASE don't take the scriptures for granted. Study them daily and I guarantee you will find more peace and happiness in your live.

Love Elder Brisk 💙
p.s. I may be the missionary in the story...

That is all.


Exchanges with Elder Slack in Enid! #Wendy's

The view from the booth we set up in Enid was men walking in high heels.

When you tell your mom you're under tornado watch and the clouds start spinning...

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