Monday, October 12, 2015

The zoo and new investigators!


This week was pretty great! Let's start with Monday...

We went to the Oklahoma City Zoo. It is actually a pretty cool zoo! We saw lions, gorilla's, giraffe's, zebra's, elephant's, etc. Unfortunately it was a little cold but we survived! However, we did not get to see the baby elephant because it died of elephant herpes. Yes apparently that is a real thing and I am not even lying that is what killed it.

Our Bishop moved to North Dakota :/ We helped them clean up there house before they left. We are going to miss them so much! We got our new bishop this past Sunday. We totally guessed who it was! Bishop Wadsworth is the new Bishop of the Oklahoma City 2nd ward. They were going to move to Utah and go back to BYU. They sold there house and everything and then decided to stay. I guess it was so he could be the Bishop! He is going to be great!

On Thursday Elder Karr and I went with the sisters to the Chiropractor! I thought he was going to say I am messed up but apparently I am in good shape and a lot more active then I think. Elder Karr was the one who is messed up. He was asking him if he had ever been in a car accident, bike accident, etc. Elder Karr said no but the Chiropractor fixed him right up! Now his legs are the same length or something like that? haha

Sunday night was the best! We went out with Brother Meuller and taught a family the spanish sisters reffered to us. Manuel and Mckayla and their 3 kids Sahara, Delila, and Armondo. Sahara is 8 (WOO HOO baptism age!) Delila is 2 and Armondo is 9 months. We taught them the Restoration and Mckayla said it answered all of her questions. We asked them if they would be baptized the first lesson and they said YES! (but they want to learn more) They are so excited to start reading the Book of Mormon. We are going back next Sunday night to teach them that families can be together forever!

We also went and taught Brother Meuller's brother's girlfriend, Shelly. We taught her the restoration as well and like Mckayla, It answered her questions. She has already read the Book of Mormon!? She thought it was so cool but she hasn't prayed to know if it is true. We asked her if she would reread the Book of Mormon and pray to know that it is true and what we taught her is true. She said YES! We are also going to see her next Sunday night as well!

In a time period of 3 hours we got 4 new investigators! That exceeds the goal we set for the week! I am so excited for this week because we have a lot of appointments set up already and I think we will be able to get more investigators!

Remember to read your scriptures and pray! Remember who you are, make good choices!

Sincerely, Elder Brisk

That is all.

We wanted these zoo masks but they were to expensive :(

We really wanted to watch the Lion King after this.

.This Gorilla was hilarious! He just sat there itching his butt and picking at is fingers!

The baby Gorilla was so cute!! This one was funny and kept making faces at me!

This is the elephant that did NOT die from elephant herpes.

Giraffe's are Elder Karr's favorite animal!

I decided that snakes just really creep me out...

I didn't fit on the ride :'(

My favorite missionaries in all the land!

The zoo was a success!!

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