Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MTC week 1


Ma name be Elder Kyler Brisk. (please read that with your best hillbilly accent) I think I'm going to fit in quite well in good ole Oklahoma. First things first, I miss and love you all! I'm having so much fun at the MTC.

My companion is the greatest. We both think the same things, laugh at the same stuff and whistle hymns while walking around the MTC campus, but most importantly We work very well together as a companionship. Studying, teaching, and all that fun stuff. His name is Elder Braeden Ricks and he is from Idaho Falls. Our names are so close that our teachers just call us "Elders Risk" or "Elders Bricks" it's pretty funny. 

In the MTC everyone is placed into a zone. For example I am in zone 60. From those zones everyone is placed into a district. The district you are placed into has the same schedule and classes as each other. I am in district H. My district consists of my companion Elder Ricks, Elders Hays and Terry, who are also in the same room and me and my companion, Elders Ludlow, Bohne, Brinkerhoff, Futrell and then Sisters Franklin and Garner. We are all the best of friends. We get along so well and we have so much fun!! Our teachers love us because we work very well as a class when it comes to participating and studying. We like to call ourselves a team or a big family. We always watch out for eachother because we love eachother! Everyone is really funny and we are always laughing at each others jokes. 

Elder Hays is from Simi Valley, California, Elder Terry is from Orem, Utah, Elder Ludlow is our district leader and he is one of the funniest kids on the planet. He is from Nephi, Utah and always makes fun of it. Elder Bohne is from Montana but he was born in Canada so we always say "eh" after he talks and when he disagrees with us we joke around by saying stuff like; "You don't know you're from Canada." we love him to death don't get me wrong we just like to tease each other. Elder Brinkerhoff is from Mesa, Arizona and he is always so tired. He is so popular we all laugh at him when he talks to someone because he literally knows EVERYONE. Elder Futrell is from Sandy, Utah and he is the same as his companion, Elder Brinkerhoff, except he doesn't know a lot of people at the MTC like the rest of us. Sister Garner is from Rexburg, Idaho and she always talks with my companion about Idaho because they are able to bond over there potato fields or something like that. We always make fun of them for living in Idaho. Like I said we still love them, we just tease each other. Sister Franklin is from Syracuse, Utah. The sisters like to have fun just like the elders and they are able to study just as hard if not harder. The rules at the MTC are that sisters are more spiritual than the elders, Agreed. The Elders have to protect them in the MTC and in the field which us Elders are really good at doing because we are one big happy district family. The rule that we all hate is the elders can't touch the sisters. What I mean by that is we can't high five, fist bump or anything fun like that. We can only shake their hand and it has to be in a formal way. Sometimes us elders have accidently high fived them but the second they high five they pull their hand away and go "OH!" and then everyone just laughs at them and jokingly scolds them. Yes we have a lot of fun. Another rule is we are only allowed to call each other Elder or Sister followed by their surnames. That sucks because we can't say things like "Good job guys!" we do our best but we aren't perfect.

Enough about my beloved new friends. Lets get into the deep stuff. The MTC food. it's actually pretty good! some stuff isn't the best. If you really know me you have to know I LOVE cheesecake. I was disappointed that the cheesecake wasn't good :/ The food is so much better than school food ever has been. I don't understand that because schools serve about 800 people for lunch. The day I entered the MTC, 750 missionaries came to the MTC on July 22nd and now there are 2200 missionaries at the MTC. Anyway yes the food is good.

My third day at the MTC me and Elder Ricks got to teach our first companion...Yep, our third day. Honestly we did not do a good job AT ALL. we got discouraged and wondered why we weren't able to deliver a great lesson. We came to realize how important it is to teach by the spirit and not the lesson we want to teach. Since then we have taught that same investigator, who is just our teacher Brother Pemberton, 2 more lessons and they have been GREAT! we also got to start teaching another investigator Monday, night and we just got to know him so we can better understand where he is and what the spirit wants us to teach him. I'm becoming such a great missionary!

On sunday I got to attend sacrament in the MTC and the cool thing about that is everyone that was at sacrament meeting holds a temple recommend. pretty cool right!? and Tuesday I got to go through the Provo Temple. It was amazing!! I love the temple so much because the spirit is so great!

I would love to hear from everyone! I am only going to be at the MTC until August 4th. If you were wanting to send me physical letters or packages or whatever I would recommend using Dear Elder.

Here is the following info you will need if you decide to use Dear Elder...
Elder Kyler Brisk
Mailbox #233
Room 6M-433
Departure Date: August 4th.
Mission Code is optional: OK-OKL

Remember who you are, make good choices. Love you all!!

That is all.

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